I want some good protection but don't want to break the bank: Pinnacle is your Shin Guard

Pinnacle P4 Shin Guard - Black/Matte Black

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Pinnacle P4 Shin Guard - Black/Gold

Pinnacle P4 Shin Guard - White/Gold

Pinnacle P4 Shin Guard - Black/Red

I want authentic Muay Thai Shin Guards made in Thailand: Thai Original is your Shin Guard

Original Thai Shin Guards - Black

Original Thai Shin Guards - Red

Original Thai Shin Guards - White

Original Thai Shin Guards - Blue

I want something that does it all, something with good mid range protection for kicks, but with enough flexibility for grappling: Superlite is your Shin Guard

Superlite Light Weight Leather Shin Guards - Black

Superlite Light Weight Leather Shin Guards - Red

Superlite Light Weight Leather Shin Guards - White

Superlite Light Weight Leather Shin Guards - Blue

I kick hard and want a heavyweight Shin Guard that blocks most of the impact just like the pro fighters use: Defender is your Shin Guard

Pro Series Defender Gel "Heavy Hitter" Shin Guards

I want something extremely light that is made in the USA: Ultralight is your Shin Guard

Ultralight Barefoot Shin and Instep Guard

I am looking for something basic and economical: The Cloth Shin is your Shin Guard

Cloth Shin and Instep Pad - Black

I want an economy version of a Thai style Shin Guard, saving money is my thing: Premier Deluxe is your Shin Guard

Premier Deluxe Shin Guards - Black/Red